Das große Baden-Württemberg Weinbuch // Illustrated book

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A real delight with all the bright sides that Baden-Wuerttemberg has to offer! The German publisher Emons recently published the illustrated book „Das große Baden-Württemberg Weinbuch“ (“The great wine book of Baden-Wuerttemberg”) inviting its readers to a colorful discovery tour with 240 pages around the popular world of wine of the Southern Germany region. The inspiring photographs and entertaining stories about selected wine producers are shown at their best on the used matt white standard coated paper BVS by Scheufelen (with a grammage of 150 gsm). This high quality illustrated book is therefore an authentic example representing our region and traditions. Wine culture meets the art of paper making – made in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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Printing house // Location:
Trento // Italy
Client // location:
Emons Verlag // Köln


Food / Stimulants Culture Travel


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bvs // matt white // 150 g/m2
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