New phoenolux sample box

Outstanding technical properties in various fields of application – all combined in a lovingly designed sample collection of packaging solutions

Scheufelen is building on its long tradition and takes an innovative new direction with the development of its phoenolux premium board. The ultimate aim is to be a skilled partner for high-end quality on the market. The premium sample box »A PERFECT DAY« presents the various fields of application and the outstanding technical properties of Scheufelen’s latest paper brand.

Whether it be hollow-wall trays, slipcases, slip lid packaging or conical tube cartons: the sample packagings – designed with great passion for detail – astonish with an impressive range of special finishes such as hot-foil stamping and Braille, blind and relief embossing.


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What »A PERFECT DAY« stands for

Discover the content of the sample box




»A PERFECT DAY« – with tea time

Bring balance to your PERFECT DAY everyday—with a selection of the finest tea grades! Take your time. Just opening the high quality package of phoenolux c2s (350 gsm) is enough to stir your anticipation for an early tea time. The lid of the floral design box builds anticipation with its delicate green tones: The surface is refined with an effective combination of matt varnish and high embossing. The bottom holds the contents—cut and folded, so that the 100% biodegradable tea bags can be removed easily. Can your PERFECT DAY start any nicer?




»A PERFECT DAY« – with happiness

Don’t worry, be happy – phoenolux »A PERFECT DAY« – each phoenolux sample box contains a sweet surprise for your personal PERFECT DAY.  The silver metal colour of the small, lovely 6 corner box from phoenolux c1s (350 gsm) invites joy and celebration while its shape and feel delight with a delicate, matt and gloss structure. Opening is made easy thanks to the thumb slot so that you can enjoy your delicious Swabian wibele much sooner.




»A PERFECT DAY« – with flavour

Culminate your PERFECT DAY with the salt of life. And a touch of pepper. With a collection of selected pepper grades and unique salt from the Himalayas. The detailed conical tube packaging from phoenolux c1s (350 gsm) ensures a perfect grip—a three dimensional invitation to play with your senses. The feel, look and aroma form a balanced harmony: The salt box is illuminated by an elegant mixture of matt varnish, gold metal colour and fine shades of blue and beige. The special, vibrant colours on the pepper box correspond playfully with the colourful pepper. Enjoy your encounter with the perfect »Flavour« of your day.




»A PERFECT DAY« – with sweets

Sweeten your PERFECT DAY with magical chocolate moments. Spoil yourself with a fine Confiserie speciality from Baden-Württemberg. What can you expect? A unique selection of chocolate, packaged in an elegant folding box from phoenolux c2s (350 gsm). The box illuminates in a symphony of Pantone red and gold tones and captivates with its range of refinements of matt varnish, special colours and a gold hot foil stamping. This depth effect lends the folding box an exceptional haptic and visual impression. Discover the lovely veiled hand-formed chocolate bars in the heart of the handy slide carton. A PERFECT DAY for your palate.




»A PERFECT DAY« – with energy

Building energy for your PERFECT DAY? A stick of gum with strong presence: Powerful and exceptional in a pharma box from phoenolux c1s (350 gsm). The vintage design directs your vision to the non-typical content. It emits vigour and liveliness—the illuminating basic white tone plays with the lightness of the product and is made thoughtfully in a range of red HKS tones with a silver metal colour. The sophisticated and perfect processing are one-of-a-kind: The folding box is furnished with opposing pockets and blind embossing in Braille on the two long sides. This gum takes the stage swinging for your PERFECT DAY.




»A PERFECT DAY« – with scent

Feel "the scent of Perfection" and create your PERFECT DAY. Allow yourself to experience the incomparable moment of encounter. Open the refined slip lid box from phoenolux c2s (350 gsm), fulfilling the highest demands for pressure and processing. The beginning of a love story: the detailed and masterly cross over of special colours, iriodin varnish, gloss varnish, hot foil embossing and high embossing. Its depth effect offers an inviting and seductive feel. The bottom empty walls box conceals its secret: its scent sample. Perfect sensual play and seduction—for your PERFECT DAY.