Our grass paper packaging artist

Ideal for use as raw paper for corrugated board


product qualities and characteristics

Suitable for container board and liner. 

uncoated – 80 // 90 // 105 // 125 gsm
both side coated – 85 // 95 // 110 // 130 // 150 // 205 // 250 // 275 // 300 gsm

The revolutionary Fresh Fiber Product

Sustainable products are clearly right on trend. The environmental awareness of the people and the linked demand for corresponding products have increased constantly.

Scheufelen "graspaper" is made out of 50 % fresh fibers from sun dried grass.

Different than other globally available fresh fiber pulps, this material is produced locally near our paper factory in the Biosphere Region "Schwäbische Alb", from perennial grass plants. In future it will be processed at an production site integrated in the Scheufelen GmbH in Lenningen.

The revolutionary feature here is the production of an economical fresh fiber pulp with the least possible environmental impact. This is based on a dramatically reduced industrial demand for water (less than one liter per ton grass fiber pulp compared to a few thousand liters per ton wood fiber pulp), a massive energy saving of up to 80 % per ton fresh fiber material and a complete renunciation of the use of any process chemicals.


Environment and natural resources

This significantly reduces the environmental impact of products packaged with grass paper, reinforces the already impressive ecological advantages of paper packaging and allows a unique marketing approach.

Additionally, fresh fiber packaging solutions based on grass paper already fulfill all requirements which will arise from the planned German Mineral Oil Regulation for Packaging Material for improved consumer protection.



Suitability of material for food packaging has been certified by ISEGA, plus the material is recyclable, compostable and FSC-Mix certified (FSC® C009951).

Our versatile grass paper


With the slogan #greenupyourpackaging the Packaging Campus Lenningen GmbH and the Scheufelen GmbH start the new series #USE:LESS and introduce sustainable packaging solutions from Scheufelen "graspaper".

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