Scheufelen paper production
Scheufelen Papierherstellung
Scheufelen Papierherstellung
Scheufelen Papierherstellung

This is how we make paper

Paper production at Scheufelen

This is how we make paper

Cellulose and water are the most important basic materials for paper making. In industrial production, the cellulose is transported in bales by means of a conveyor belt to a large mixing vat, the pulper. There, it is mixed with water into a thin slurry. Later, fillers and auxiliary materials as well as sizing agents are added. Every paper has its own specific recipe. For all types, cleaned, ground and mixed 1:99 with water, the finished fibrous mixture is pumped to the paper machine's sieve.

The fast moving Foudrinier machine dehydrates the mixture in very few seconds and turns it into a firm sheet of paper, in which the fibres have been compressed. Thereafter, the sheet dries and is smoothed out by a press. Two double Foudrinier machines are used for dehydration in our works. This system allows us to produce papers with almost identical surface qualities on both sides of the paper. Less than a minute passes from the introduction of the liquid material to rolling up the raw paper.


Enhancement by coating

For many manufacturers, when the raw paper has been made the work is already finished. In our company, this only signals the beginning of the process, with which we make our products exceptional using our 160 years of experience in manufacturing premium papers: enhancement by coating. This means coating the raw paper with a watery solution of pigments and binding agents in order to seal the natural irregularities in the finely structured surface.



Pure white

Pigments serve as fillers in order to increase whiteness and opacity (impermeability to light) and to make the paper more compact and dense. We prepare a suspension of Kaolin (white clay, see image) by mixing it with water and chemicals. Together with further additives the finished mixture is then sent to the colour shop and from there to the coating machine.Every kind of paper requires special adjustments to the coating machine, which are monitored during the production process. The colour evenly distributed on the rollers is spread on the raw paper by a metal blade and the excess colour is removed.  Infrared heaters, hot air and steam heated cylinders dry the wet coating.


Elegant surfaces: glossy, half matt, or matt

In another machine, the supercalender, pressure, friction, dampness and warmth gives the paper its gloss and smoothness. In it, it passes across several steel and hard paper rolls rotating at different speeds and counter to each other. The half matt paper qualities are given a special matt satin finish in which the paper surface is compressed but not smoothed. It gives the print colours a particularly vivid and brilliant appearance while the unprinted area of the paper later appears matt and free of reflections.


Premium paper, ready for dispatch

After cutting to various roll widths, the narrow rolls are either sent to roll dispatch or  to the sorting transverse cutting machine where they are cut into sheets of various formats. The quality of every paper shipment is checked before delivery. Packed in convenient quantities or on pallets, the finished Scheufelen premium paper then leaves our works.