Scheufelen paper museum Lenningen
Scheufelen Papiermuseum Lenningen

Museum for paper and book art

Paper experiences in the old Oberlenningen "Schlössle“ (little castle)

The name, Scheufelen, has long stood for an artistic manner of handling the material, paper. On the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of Adolf Scheufelen's creation of art printing paper, the Museum for Paper and Book Art was established as a foundation. Since its opening in the year 1992, predominantly book and paper creations by contemporary German artists have been exhibited here. The aim of the museum is to awaken an interest in the topic of art and paper. Visit the Museum for Paper and Book Art in the old Oberlenningen "Schlössle" (little castle)!

Please enquire about guided tours in the mayor's office in Lenningen,
Tel.: +49 7026 / 609 – 14

You can find information about opening times, prices and location maps here

You can find additional interesting information about the history of paper and papermaking under History of Paper.

Museum für Papier- und Buchkunst
Schloßrain 15
D-73252 Lenningen