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30 years of calendars by Scheufelen

The Scheufelen wall calendar has been presenting a spectacular selection of motifs on the theme of “paper” every year since 1987. Our gallery takes you on a journey through 30 years of calendars by Scheufelen.


»Matters of the heart«

Hand on heart – what moments sent your heart racing this year? 

Every one of us is familiar with those moments that set your heart racing – when a baby enters this world, when music sends shivers down our spine, or being caught by surprise in an unexpected scenario. Our heart pounds and our pulse races. And then from one instant to the next we regain our composure. It is moments like these we have captured in full in our 2017 wall calendar. 

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- 2017 -


Perfection is a goal for which many strive but rarely achieve. However, the motto suits the 30th edition of the popular Scheufelen wall calendar perfectly. For 160 years, this paper factory has been working on new innovations and continuous development of its premium paper. As a result, it commands masters from art and nature, who achieve perfection effortlessly: from the silent flight of the eagle and the brilliance of a diamond to the unfathomable blue in the works by Yves Klein. Each month, the calendar presents an exemplar to accompany the observer throughout the year.

- 2016 -

»Colors on Scheufelen«

In the 29th Scheufelen calendar, colour is the main theme. Every reason for us to celebrate the sheer glory of colour in the calendar 2015. From one end of the spectrum to the other, we unfold an entire rainbow’s worth of images that present pure light in its multifarious refractions – explaining along the way how colours influence our mood, as pondered by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in his Theory of Colours. We relished the chance to pull out all the stops in terms of printing techniques and sumptuous pigments for dramatic colourful impact – as always, full specs for the individual pages can be found at the very end.

- 2015 -


Imagine a perfect day somewhere in southern Germany: Let’s pack our Rucksack early in the morning, pull on our Lederhosen (a Dirndl for the women), eat Muesli and start the car (Diesel ) to take the children to Kindergarden . Then we set off for the Hinterland: After a brief Fahrvergnuegen on the Autobahn , today’s a day to indulge our Wanderlust. With a Lied on our lips we enter a gemuetlich Beergarden at noon next to our favourite Gasthaus and enjoy real Delicatessen :Bratwurst or a Schnitzel with Sauerkraut (no Hamburgers today), washed down by a Pils , and looking forward to some Strude l and Schnapps for dessert. A true feast for the body and soul! Before we are overcome by melancholia and Weltschmerz , we catch a glimpse of some glittering Edelweiss in the Alpenglow . What a day! Don’t worry: This isn’t an excerpt from a Bildungsroman with Zeitgeist as a Leitmotif – it’s simply Kitsch , isn’t it?

- 2014 -

»Moving the world«

Scheufelen 2013 wall calendar takes the time to present to you those people who moved the world to a particular degree: very fast or very slow, in the form of a brief brainwave or their entire life’s work, in science and technology, spots and culture, recreation and employment, children’s bedroom and politics.

- 2013 -


It is the combination of creative ideas, bold, visions and skilled craftsmanship that distinguishes the exceptional from the merely good. This way of thinking and acting has for generations linked us to artists, designers, craftsmen and scientists, all seeking perfection in their particular disciplines. For timeless beauty and expressiveness. For the ideal body, the perfect shape, the finest mechanics, the lowest resistance, the perfect number. The answer has always been, and always is, quite simple: the circle. No other shape is more convincing. None is used with more diversity. And none expresses better just what the world revolves around – in every respect.

The Scheufelen calendar for 2012 shows perfection on the perfect foundation. From the sun to the earth, the wheel to a clock, a sausage to a pea. As the inspiration for your very personal search for perfection, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.



- 2012 -

»Top performances«

Under the motto, "Höchstleistungen" (Top performances) this Scheufelen wall calendar introduces you to the world of records and extremes. While the viewer is still concerned with the most successful free diver in the world in January, the subsequent months surprise you with amazing examples of bold architecture, revolutionary physics, daring air travel and future oriented space travel. Of course, the automotive industry with its economical one litre car cannot be left out. Edmund Hillary, who does not know him, conquers the highest mountain in the world in a daring first ascent. Music can also move boundaries. With his organ music lasting 639 years, John Cage has truly written music history. Month for month, a tension curve of top performances is being developed in the calendar.

- 2011 -

»Think big«

With its 2010 wall calendar »Think big« Scheufelen is again pointing the way: Major brand appearances have great success on Scheufelen paper. With the excerpt enlargement of the smallest details of world famous brands, abstract works of art are created. Now, the logos of well-known brands are presented on one calendar page after another in a new and yet unmistakeable appearance. The illustrations leave room for fantasy and make the beholder recall forms and colours from his memory of well known brands. Printed on the  coated papers, PhoeniXmotion, Consort Royal, Job Parilux and heaven 42, the works of art develop their own aesthetics. The production notes in the appendix explain the print enhancements employed such as iriodin varnishing, hot foil blocking and partial varnishing. They also explain the selected brands again in a spatial manner: a quartet, pre-cut for removal, picks up on the forms, colours and cut-outs of the logos and, as a card game, not only ensures a special visual but also a haptic experience - in the best traditions of Scheufelen calendars.

- 2010 -

»Five Elements«

A  true highlight: For Papierfabrik Scheufelen's 2009 wall calendar, 2,009 numbered originals, each with 12 individual art prints were designed and printed. In addition, twelve single coloured specially designed motifs for the five elements, fire, water, earth, air, and love were simulated in more than 1,000 overprint combinations, repeatedly modified, printed in 48 special colours, repeatedly restacked.....so that 24,108 different calendar pages were created. The calendar is conspicuous for its exceptional design and technical printing concept. The four elements, earth, water, fire and air characterise the paper production process: The element, earth, relates to the raw materials used in paper making, water in its proportion of 98% is the most important production resource for paper. In order to dry the paper length, heat is required, symbolised by the element, fire. Air is the basis for the growth of wood and thus for the elementary raw material, cellulose. All 4 elements make paper making possible. Added to this is the element of love: the passion and love for paper. 

- 2009 -

»The 4th dimension«

The Scheufelen wall calendar for the year 2007 looked towards the third dimension, the sky. In the year 2008, the beholder looks even higher and discovers the 4th dimension: time. Month after month, the calendar is dedicated to the relevant ascendant star constellation and in addition, celestial appearances such as lightning and thunder, clouds, the moon and angels. All of this in an innovative graphic language: With each passing moment, a year becomes more multilayered, just as this calendar: the January calendar page shows the starry sky in January - in a single print colour. February is illustrated in two colours and so on until you reach December with twelve print colours. They overlap and penetrate each other in the most varied of ways, adorned with all manner of adornments such as iridescent hot foil for the aurora borealis or iridescent colour for the dark November. A calendar, which can only be created in this quality on  Scheufelen paper – and in a historical document in its best sense.




- 2008 -

»The sky is not the limit«

 For Papierfabrik Scheufelen the yardstick for the development of premium paper has always lain very high. As early as 1855 the motto applied: »The sky is not the limit« – everything is possible. The 2007 Scheufelen wall calendar also complies with this motto. Twelve excerpts from major works of art, from the late Middle Ages to the Modern, from Degas to Lichtenstein, are presented with great love of detail. Every excerpt focuses on one aspect: the sky. This calendar illustrates impressively how great artists have always reached and created new horizons by their skilled craftsmanship.  

And this calendar also provide room for creating one's own horizon: Every calendar page has perforated colour chips harmonising with the colour tones of the relevant calendar page. These can be removed and assembled on an additional calendar page to create one's own work of art.

- 2007 -


On each calendar page, the »Nonplusultra« calendar shows impressive works of art - original chromolithographs, composed of inpressive lithography, ornamentation, perspective drawings and co-ordinated colouring harmoniously presented in contemporary design. Implemented by the most modern four colour printing in frequency modulated resolution, supplemented by twelve special colours including five pigmented gold tones. Every month, this calendar impresses you with high quality enhancements such as silk screen printing, source and iriodin varnish, colourless and hot foil blocking,  impressing, multilevel relief embossing and filigree laser die cutting and offset varnishes. 

- 2006 -

»White extreme«

The wall calendar celebrating Papierfabrik Scheufelen's 150th company anniversary takes the beholder on a journey through the exciting company history. Each calendar page tells of top performances in Lenningen and on the snowy white peaks of this world. Milestones in the company history are united with decisive events in alpine sports, harmoniously presented in design and photography. All in white, yet not boring, each calendar page is again a top performance in terms of paper, design, printing and enhancement. 

- 2005 -

»Paper needs Creativity«.

The Scheufelen wall calendar »Paper needs Creativity« shows what can happen when paper and creativity collide. The monthly pages of this calendar reproduce the manufacturing process of paper: In twelve photographs, the creation of the cultural material, paper, was recorded and emphasised by motifs from Scheufelen sample books. The calendar represents a homage to the medium, paper, which offers us infinite opportunities for design. The calendarium, which is hidden under a silver strip and can be scratched off  is also something very special. Thus, at the year end every calendar will look different  - a metaphor for the freedom of design which paper gives everyone. According to the motto: »Mach was draus. Und was du machst, ist einzigartig.« (Make something of it. And what you do will be unique.)

- 2004 -

»Carpe Diem« 

The calendar is one of the oldest artefacts in human history. Script has made words visible and thus fundamentally changed human communication. The calendar made time visible and thus also achieved something important for humanity. Twelve Italian designers under the leadership of Leonardo Sonnoli and Paolo Tassinari accepted the invitation to realise an unusual design experiment on paper: Under the motto, »Carpe Diem«, twelve interpretations of the meaning of the time cycle were created, which reflect the differing styles of contemporary Italian design. The centre of focus for creative implementation are the Italian names of the months. The typographic names are skilfully manipulated – they are the starting points for the design and run through this very special calendar like a leitmotif.

- 2003 -

»La peau de ville«

The »La peau de ville« wall calendar shows French paper placards in the storms of time. Partially washed out, torn, laid in several layers on top of each other, art is created as it is seldom heeded. Magnificent colours, extreme contrasts and a completely unique form of beauty is created. Each of these calendar pages is embellished with a riot of colour, details and emotions. Printed on Scheufelen's white range of paper, this calendar is impressive for the purest colours, most precise colour resolution and strong contrasts.

- 2002 -

»People & Paper«

The Scheufelen wall calendar, »People & Paper«, is dedicated to the really important things in the life of peple. 14 designers put the »große Steine des Lebens« (big building bricks of life) – for example, family, health and dreams – on paper in the form of collage, drawings and photographs. The creative result is a colourful, contrast rich calendar, which provokes thought and surprises you every month anew by the designers' exciting interpretations. Printed on Scheufelen's premium papers and enhanced by varnishing, die cutting and embossing, every motif is a visual and haptic highlight.

- 2001 -

»Christian graphics«

The year which many thought to be the end of the world, which raised fears and gave hope simultaneously. This topic is taken up in pictures in Scheufelen's »Christliche Graphik« (Christian graphics) wall calendar. Contrast rich works on the old and new testaments were used, which develop their very special effect against the background of the picture printing paper, Phoenix-Imperial. With this impressive effect, the Scheufelen wall calendar accompanies you through the year 2000. Paper: Phoenix-Imperial II / I, 250 gsm (title), phoenixmotion Xenon, 170 gsm (introduction), Phoenix-Imperial silk natural white, 250 gsm (calendar pages)




- 2000 -

»Book art in the object box«

Scheufelen's 1999 wall calendar is completely dedicated to the art of letterpress printing. Various objects, which have been created by the use of books or books which have been made into works of art themselves, are displayed in shadow boxes. Paper: phoenixmotion, Xenon 250 gsm, Xantic 170 gsm, Xantur 250 gsm

- 1999 -

»Poetry with paper« 

In contrast to the drama in the dream garments presented in the 1997 calendar, this wall calendar illustrates the meditative peace of the purest of poetry. 12 works by the artist, Lore Bert, are presented, who converts the Asian papers into mentally or physically perceptible space by means of drawing or collage. This results in the creation of particularly delicate pictures which, by generous use of white and fine colours, convey a new feeling of boundless freedom every month. Paper: Title: Phoenix-Imperial II / I, Cover board onesided gloss white, 300 gsm

- 1998 -

»Paper dressed in a garment of dreams«

Scheufelen's 1997 wall calendar is inspiring due to its impressions and sculptures in paper. Under the title »Papier im Traumkleid« (Paper dressed in a garment of dreams), works of art in various types of paper illustrate the individuality and creativity of their artists, awakened to life by dance, theatre and photography. Paper clothes as sculptures of human physical emotions cause the beholder to marvel at the versatility, which the medium paper can occupy. The rich contrast in the pictures is beautifully presented on the natural white picture printing paper, Phoenix-Imperial. In this way every picture becomes an eyecatcher, which the beholder is unable to escape. Paper: Phoenix-Imperial silk natural white, 250 gsm

- 1997 -


»Mail-Art« is the topic of this unusual calendar. Letters have always had an emotive effect on people. They are considered to be historic documents. The handwriting expresses emotions better than any other form of writing and every envelope tells a completely different story: Postage stamps, folds and creases provide evidence of long journeys, foreign countries and adverse circumstances. A letter is always an adventure. The 1996 Scheufelen calendar picks up on this in an artistic manner and presents interesting and exciting pictures from the whole world. Paper: Phoenix-Imperial II / I, onesided gloss white, 350 gsm (title),  Phoenix-Imperial silk white, 250 gsm (calendar pages)

- 1996 -

»Das übermalte Buch«

Once again, the Scheufelen calendar's topic is books and fine art. Where the 1989 calendar primarily focused on the appearance of books, the calendar, »Das übermalte Buch« deals with the inside of books and their artistic finishing. Various artists present their works of art, which have been drawn and painted on the inside pages of books. Painting the pages of books has created unusual, fascinating works of art, which this calendar unites. Paper: Phoenix-Imperial II / I onesided gloss white, 250 gsm (title), Phoenix-Imperial silk cream, 250 gsm (introduction), Phoenix-Imperial silk natural white, 250 gsm (calendar pages)

- 1995 -

»The Museum for paper and book art«

The 1994 Scheufelen calendar presents the Museum for paper and book art in Lenningen. The beholder will see impressive pictures of the museum, historic books, paper from the early days of the paper mill and much more. The warm colours motivate you to visit a museum and the detailled pictures make you feel that you are right there. The Scheufelen premium paper, Phoenix-Imperial, gives the calendar a silky sheen. Paper: Phoenix-Imperial silk natural white, 250 gsm

- 1994 -

 »Seeing music« 

The calendar »Musik sehen« (Seeing music) deals with the graphic illustration of music. Beginning with dance to notes and right through to scores. This calendar is exceptional in every way: it combines pure feeling with the visual and thus becomes an emotive showpiece, which is faithfully reproduced on Phoenix-Imperial. Paper: Phoenix-Imperial silk natural white, 250 gsm

- 1993 -

»Art with paper«

In 1892, the first paper coating plant was commissioned in Oberlenningen. This was the year, in which German art printing paper was born. In this anniversary calendar, 13 artists present a fascinating spectrum of ideas for turning paper of the most varied haptic and visual qualities into works of art. An impressive calendar, printed on Phoenix art printing paper, which has existed for 100 years and has since been constantly optimised. Paper: Phoenix-Imperial silk white, 250 gsm

- 1992 -

»Pictures for the sky«

The calendar »Bilder für den Himmel« (Pictures for the sky) is the result of an art project, which initiated in 1987 in Japan. Various artists were asked to paint pictures on Japanese paper. Finally, these were made into kites by kite constructors. Two years later there was an exhibition in the sky above Osaka when the kites were launched into the air. This calendar presents some of these artistic kites. The paper factory is commemorating an exhibition of a special kind with these pictures printed on Phoenix-Imperial. Paper: Phoenix-Imperial silk natural white, 250 g/qm

- 1991 -

»Art Brut« 

The term »Art Brut« describes works of art by outsiders, who have been excluded from all cultural matters. They developed their works of art independently from trends and created their own, completely different style. The resulting works of art often cannot be compared with works of art by any other artist. This calendar presents twelve impressive works, which are impressive for their richness of detail, colour and exciting contrasts. This is illustrated particularly well on the ivory coloured art printing paper, Phoenix-Imperial silk cream, 250 g/qm.

- 1990 -

Seeing new - the book as a work of art

The calendar "Neu sehen – Das Buch als Kunstobjekt" (Seeing new - the book as a work of art) deals with the culture of books and reading. The calendar presents works of art in the most varied of materials in the form of books – created by artists in whose overall work the book occupies a central position. Aspects never before seen, all related to the topic: book, laid out in an imposing calendar – printed on Phoenix-Imperial silk white, 250 gsm.

- 1989 -

»Art and photography«

This calendar is wholly concerned with the photography element in modern art. Mainly photographs of landscapes and objects were used, in individual cases people. Every calendar page is decorated by a plethora of colours, details and emotions, which are shown to great advantage on the Phoenix-Imperial paper: the purest of colours, the most precise colour tones and the attention to detail will surprise you time and again every month. Paper: Phoenix-Imperial silk white, 250 gsm

- 1988 -

Scheufelen's first calendar!

"Paper through new eyes" – so the motto the paper factory uses for its first art calendar in 1987. It is part of a new corporate Scheufelen strategy. The credo: Concentration of white coated premium paper. The calendar is awarded the prize of the jury at the calendar show in Stuttgart.

- 1987 -