Papierfabrik Scheufelen Luftaufnahme
Papierfabrik Scheufelen Luftaufnahme

Papierfabrik Scheufelen

Premium White Since 1855

Working capital and assets in excess of 14 million Euros provided through a joint investment by Green Growth Fund II (Wermuth Asset Management), Nordia Invest and Scheufelen Equity Partners form a strong base to realize the new Scheufelen vision: produce high white and deep green premium packaging and graphical papers primarily from perennial plant fibers.

Respected brands such as Scheufelen Grasspaper, Phoenograss, Greenliner, Phoenolux and Phoenix Prime stand for this approach which aims to reintroduce quickly renewable, cost efficient and environmentally sound sources of fiber into paper making without compromising paper quality.

Together with the affiliated Packaging Campus Lenningen, a cooperation with Hochschule für Medien, Stuttgart, Scheufelen sets a new standard in helping brand owners, packaging converters and graphical printers to bring truly sustainable and renewable fiber solutions to their packaging needs.

Corporate policy

The quality of products and processes, occupational safety, environmental protection and use of sustainable energy are a top priority at our company and are corporate goals of equal importance.

The management team is committed to implementing and leading the process-oriented management system. It will provide the necessary information and resources to achieve these goals.

We secure the commitment of our employees and encourage their sense of responsibility towards our corporate goals through appropriate information and communication processes, ongoing acquisition of expertise, and the assignment and clear definition of responsibilities as part of our management system. We foster a corporate culture whose policies are set out in our “Management and collaboration” principles.

Our corporate policy is based on the following principles.

Our principles for quality

  1. At the heart of our principles for quality is our pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of processes and products.

  2. Our company’s strategic focus is market, customer and result-oriented and is reflected in our aim to achieve market leadership in terms of quality, service and innovation for the production of coated paper and board.

  3. We maintain a well-structured sales, production and service system. The quality philosophy is accorded top priority in all areas. The internal structures are adapted to the needs and requirements of the market and our customers, and our employees are equipped to meet changing demands.

  4. Acquiring and maintaining expertise through training and qualification is one of our top priorities. Our employees create quality and only they can deliver the full scope of service at the company and drive it forward.

  5. Creativity and innovation are key pillars in developing new products. We discuss and develop new market-oriented products in conjunction with our customers to draw the maximum benefit for both sides.

  6. We measure the performances and the results of the processes and determine quality objectives regularly.

Our principles for environmental protection and sustainable energy use

  1. We are committed to minimizing unnecessary environmental pollution as far as possible and to continuously improving energy and environmental performance.

  2. We regularly monitor and evaluate our environmental aspects and set new targets for reducing emissions and other important environmental factors.

  3. We regularly analyse our energy consumption, identify potential for saving energy and set strategic and operational targets to improve energy performance.

  4. Our environmental and energy credentials are based on our commitment to complying with binding requirements and we monitor compliance with these on a continuous basis.

  5. We use our resources carefully. In selecting raw materials, tools and equipment, we strive to use alternatives that are as environmentally friendly as possible. When planning processes and changes and procuring new facilities and equipment, we support the purchase of energy-efficient products and services.

  6. We contribute towards responsible use of global forestry resources through Chain of Custody certification in line with FSC or PEFC.

  7. We regularly inform our employees about the measures the company takes to protect the environment as well as about our activities for improving the energy and environmental performance.

Cleanliness and tidiness in all areas helps us implement our principles and achieve our goals.

Our contractual partners and suppliers are integrated into our management system. We inform them about our focus on improving energy performance, environmental protection and occupational safety and involve external companies at our premises in our management system. Interested parties can find out more via the internet, intranet, press releases or direct enquiries.

 The performance of our management system is regularly evaluated in internal and external audits and serves as a driver for improvement.

We have published our corporate policy on our website to ensure anyone interested is also informed about our principles.